About Me

I’m Manda.

I’m a college kid.

I’m studding technical theatre to specialize in lighting and sound design.

I’m a proud Whovian.

I work at OfficeMax.

I love to play frisbee.

I’m generally happy but it’s not difficult to make me angry.

I enjoy answering questions and encourage people to ask me questions. I also ask a lot of questions.

I am extremely shy.

I started this blog because I like to document what happens to me in daily situations. I feel my life is boring yet really exciting. I would post these as notes on facebook but then other people won’t be able to enjoy the same things I enjoy.

1. My favourite colours are Grey, Black, and Red <— In that order.

2. The Mitsu Tomoe is a symbol that has been in my dreams for years and I just recently discovered what it was. It looks like a ying yang but with a third or fourth loop and circle thing. That symbol plus the chaos symbol I wish to get a tattoo of but I don’t know how to put them together as one and make them beautiful. (If there are any artists out there that wish to take on this challenge I want to see it!)

3. I work at OfficeMax. I know a lot about pens that it comes off as creepy outside of work. I can almost always tell what kind of pen it is. Ballpoint, Rollerball, or Gell. Pilot, Bic, Papermate, Zebra, Pentel, or Uniball. I know what pens work nice and those that are just crap. I’ve been there for 3 years and still know next to nothing about computers and networking. But I know more of what we carry and where it is more than anyone else that works in my store. I like it there most days but I much rather be in the wood shop building things.

4. Technical theatre is what I want to do for the rest of my life. When I graduated from high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do so, going to a the community college I go to I enrolled my self into the theatre department and fell in love. I’ve done theatre all through high school but didn’t really care for it because of the people I worked with. College theatre is completely different and one hundred times better. The funny part about this whole thing is that all if not most of the girls (yes girls) I worked with in high school went on to college to be theatre majors but then eventually changed their major because they didn’t like it or just found something they like better.

5. I love music. Listening to it and playing it. I can play guitar but I’m not very good at it. But I can play the euphonium/baritone (what is that?? It’s like a little tuba ((not a sousaphone)) that plays music similar to trombone music but when they have the melody it’s usually a beautiful lyrical line that if played well will make you melt in your seat ;) ) I can also play the trombone, french horn and if you really want to push it, the trumpet and tuba. Some people think I can play piano but it’s just something I like to pretend and fake.

6. I absolutely love to watch people dance. Especially break dancing. I like to pretend that I can dance like that but it’s only a lazy dream I have. But I can swing dance (to a social point).

7. I have the hardest time spelling “definitely” I want to use it all time but eventually give up on it because I feel the need to spell words correctly. The ways I try spelling it spell check doesn’t recognize which really sucks because I use the crap out of spell check. With this note, I always try to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammer when sending IMs or text messages.

8. I have a love for prisons and criminals. “Criminals” should be more like mob based. John Dillinger is a favourite criminal and I love the movie Public Enemies. I went to Alcatraz my junior year in high school and I took pictures of everything and got lost in the awe of the place. So much so that they had to come find me because I was about to miss the ferry back to San Francisco. If I don’t get a job in technical theatre I would most definitely love to be a prison historian or a secret agent in a mob family.

9. British tv is much better than American tv. I love the shows Doctor Who, Torchwood, Robin Hood, Skins, and Being Human. I just finished watching Jekyll, and currently watching Hotel Babylon.

10. I used to hate wearing blue jeans. I went at least 5 years with out owning blue jeans. I would wear black pants or black jeans. It was about November time when I ripped my pants right before a VersaEmerge concert and had to run to target for new pants or have a big hole in my pants I didn’t have much time so I just picked a pair.

11. I love taking photos. Not just any photos but 35mm camera photos. Yet that doesn’t stop there. I love to develop the pictures myself just that I don’t have a dark room or equipment to do it. I am no professional, I just enjoy it. While I was in San Francisco, I laid on my back to take a picture of one of the towers on the Golden Gate Bridge. The sidewalk we were on was so busy, I almost got ran over by a person on a bike. The picture was well worth the risk.

12.  Penguins are my favourite animal. Penguins became many people’s favourite after March of the Penguins came out but it was mine well before hand. I have a giant penguin named Pengagin in my truck that freaks most new comers out when they get into my truck. I want a pet penguin but I just have to deal with Happy Feet and Posters to ease my longing for one.